Cabinet Hardware, Hinges and Pulls

Options for the Kitchen

Cabinet hardware can completely change the look of your kitchen or bath. Like home décor accessories, changing or updating your cabinet hardware can give you a fresh new look without spending thousands of dollars. In fact, it’s the least expensive thing you can do to update your kitchen or bath!

The purpose of cabinet hardware, other than for decorative purposes, is to keep the oils in your hands from damaging the finish on cabinet fronts. Whether you decide to use knobs or pulls, the purpose is to assist in opening or grasping cabinet doors or drawers.

  • Your cabinet hardware should compliment the style of your kitchen or bath, but most importantly suit your personality.

  • If you are remodeling and have holes already drilled for existing cabinet hardware, the new hardware must have the same hole configuration, or the new hardware must be able to cover up the existing holes.

  • When purchasing new cabinet hardware, often the screws in the package are not long enough to go through the entire cabinet face front. Longer screws are available for purchase separately.

  • Most cabinet hardware is made from the following materials: brass, zinc diecast, aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, acrylic, crystal, ceramic and porcelain. Not all hinges are made in all finishes.

Design Options
  • Cabinet hardware is available in many different styles from decorative to functional, storage, bath, and appliance handles.

  • Categories of cabinet hardware include knobs and pulls. Knobs generally have one hole and pulls have 2 holes.

  • Knobs and pulls can be used on doors and drawers, but they can also be mixed. Typically, when mixing knobs and pulls, knobs are installed on the doors and pulls are installed on the drawers.

  • The position and height of the hardware is completely dependent on what feels right and works best for you. Some prefer to install knobs in the upper corner of the cabinet door, some prefer the knob to be lower down the door than the corner. Some knobs can be installed in the middle of the door for a furniture look.